It begins before the beginning …

Glimpses of the universe and everything in it – from the most enormous to the absolute smallest.

A room for reflection and wonder in which light and dark, scent and sound spark our curiosity and ask us to question all that we think we know about the world around us.

Artists from Denmark, Australia, France, and Catalunya transform Teaterøen’s loft into a poetic and immersive performance-installation. Here you can take a break from daily routines, take off your shoes, leave behind your mobile phone and step into a space in which time stands still. In the dimly lit nooks and crannies, a collection of small scenes, poetic images, and stories wait for you.

WUNDERKAMMER is open 4 hours each day during CPH Stage. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.


From 8 years. Please note: Children below the age of 8 will not be allowed entrance to the performance.

Sarah John, Sara Topsøe-Jensen, Marga Socias og Raphaël Mars

Karsten Nisbeth