Transforming the assembly hall at Viborg Katedralskole, we created TOMRUM and had the audience join os for a journey of discovery.

Artists from Denmark, Australia, France and Catalonia transformed the assembly hall and created a poetic performance installation. A room for reflection and wonder where light and darkness, scents, and sounds pique our curiosity and make us question what we think we know about the world.

Leaving their shoes, phone, and watch outside, the audience entered a space disconnected from everyday life. Here time stood still allowed visitors to get lost among the myriads of tiny poetic tales residing in every old nook and cranny of the hall.

A room for reflection and contemplation –  for the public and students alike.

The show was running for two weeks and was open for the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The audience could stay for as long as they liked.

Also, together with the performers, teachers and students examined how learning and forming is connected to wondering. Together they focused on how ‘to wonder’ – an innate, but often neglected, human ability. TOMRUM was open every day for most of the school opening hours, during which teachers was able to book a time slot and take their classes for a visit.


From 8 years

Sarah John, Sara Topsøe-Jensen, Anika Barkan, Marga Socias og Raphaël Mars

Karsten Nisbeth