The history of the POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE – An installation and interactive museum

THE ARCHIVE invites you to investigate the project KUNSTEN AT LYTTE – a two-year process that sees its final culmination as the POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE. You will be presented with and challenged by the ideas and thoughts that have created the culture house. You have the opportunity to check out our archive of questions – a collection of important questions, both small and large, which have been raised by participants and audiences over the last two years. You will also be able to contribute with your own thoughts, ideas and questions. THE ARCHIVE is a dynamic installation that will grow and change during the time of POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE through the meeting between visitors and artists working in the house.

THE ARCHIVE is created by Jean-Marie Oriot, a French performer and set designer. Jimi Holstebro, a local visual artist and illustrator, is contributing with illustrations of the entire two-year project.

Jean-Marie Oriot creates rooms that raise curiosity and make us want to reflect upon what culture is and how it is created. Jean Marie has performed in several Carte Blanche performances. Among other things he was the initiator of Carte Blanches’ big international co-production “Between US” with 40 young actors.

The performance is part of POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE – Carte Blanches’ contribution to Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.


Jean-Marie Orio

Jimi Holstebro

POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE, Stænderpladsen 2, Viborg

June 16 – 25 2017