Carte Blanche is often working together with artists, who have developed a personal artistic language.

For the last three seasons Carte Blanche have had the pleasure of working together with a bunch of fantastic artist, who have contributed with they personal artistic style and language. You can read more about the different artists below.

The list is under construction and might be missing our most recent collaborators

    HELENE KVINT / DK Creator, producer and performance artist

    Often based on my own personal issues, my projects investigate themes such as dyslexia, maskulinity, femininity, brain injury, to exist, sensuousness, money, the state and power.


    Michelle and Uri Kranot are filmmakers and animation artists, working at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, specializing in animated documentaries. Recently they have been working both with multimedia and Audio-visual performers, creating installations and expanded cinematic works.

    Read more about Michelle and Uri here

  • Ellen Holck / DK
    Ellen Holck / DK Musician and singer

    Musician and singer in the band, Crystal Sky Butterfly.

    Often acts as the White Lady.


  • Kristofer Krarup / DK
    Kristofer Krarup / DK Casual performer and dancer

    I prefer working on projects that embrace improvisation and sponanity. Instead of moving from A to B, I try to get from G to ~, preferably taking a few unpredicted detours on the way. Using movement and words, and by meeting people with curiousity, I seek to move the audience.

    Kristofers Carte Blance appearances: Vandspejlinger, sØnæs, Teaterlyskoncert, ALT der er fortalt og ALT vi ved, Kunsten at leve.

    JEAN-MARIE / FR Performer

    Jean-Marie began to work as a stage painter and sculptor at the Opera of Rennes, the Théâtre National de Bretagne, the Théâtre des Amandiers, MC93 and the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, among other places. From 1997 he was in charge of the visual installations of El Teatro de los Sentidos and later became technical leader, set designer and a performer of the company.
    He’s one of the founder and member of INHEPI.
    He’s been living in Belgium since 2005, where he develops immersive installations and performances as De Generaal.

    BENOIT GASNIER / FR Director of the “théâtre à l’envers”

    His sensory theater can be both playful and somber in its refusal of gravity and in its absolute confidence in people’s ability to receive. Through his sensitive approach, he investigates our relationship with our inner life and our imaginative capacity. He is interested in making a space for spectators, so that they continue investigating these sensorial individual journeys.

    Read more about Benoit here


    LISA BECKER / BR Artist and performer

    I was born and raised in Brazil and trained as an actor in England. I love to act in and create performances in collaboration with other artist, be it my own projects or theirs. Connecting and listening to the audience is very important to me.


    CLAUS CARLSEN / DK Self-taught sound artist

    In the sØnæs performance, I played an electro-acoustic instrument that consisted of metal objects immersed in water and transmitting sound to 2 under-water microphones (hydrophones). These microphones then led the sound through some guitar effect pedals, into auto amplifier, sending it to tre speakers places in concrete tubes, channeling the sound back across the lake.

    GABRIEL HERNANDEZ / CO Designing and creating interactive installations

    He is dedicated to the creation of interactive performances and sensorial spaces worldwide. Gabriel is a founder member of Teatro de los Sentidos, since 1989. For over twenty years, he has been touring extensively throughout the world, making sensorial experiences and art performances.

    SARAH JOHN / AU Makes performances and installations

    She enjoys working collaboratively, across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions.
    She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden be- neath, between and within everyday reality.

    MARGA SOCIAS / ES Inventor and storyteller

    Her approach is to empty then fill, destroy then create, take apart and then reassemble in another way. She likes to unfold new worlds, transient and unrepeatable, worlds born from games, from the body, from music, from poetry. Playful realities able to break the order of everyday life.

    CINDY RUDEL / DE Performance, dance, installation, somatic movement.

    The first time I met the sea, was at nighttime. I was walking inside a town made by the water. I begin to remember the streets. I remember to have walked here before.
    I step into the space of water. A small sidewalk leads me deeper into the sea.