An à la carte menu of mini-performances.

PICNIC PARK was based on the open square Stænderpladsen in Viborg. The audience was invited to relax on blankets on the grass as the host offered them a selection of journeys from the menu – each offering being an encounter: a chance to meet the town, to spend time with it, and to discover your relationship to it. The encounters lasted from 5 to 30 minutes, and the audience could take part in as many as they liked. Every meeting/encounter was created to challenge the audience’s outlook and experience of their town – perhaps they were not as familiar with it as they might think.

Benoit Gasnier created PICNIC PARK in collaboration with a team of talented creative young people from all over Europe.

Benoit is the artistic director of the French theatre Á L’Envers, which focuses on developing intimate, poetic, and relational works of art. Benoit is especially interested in the interaction between public spaces and poetic meetings. In 2016, Benoit created the city-walk Lyt til Byen for Carte Blanche, and he has also taken part in several other Carte Blanche productions.


Director: Benoit Gasnier (FR)
Technician: Simon Twisttmann (DK)

Chloé Girardeau (FR)
Karen Burns (AU)
Patrick Fransgaard (DK)
Maret Tamme (EST)
Mara Maslowska (POL)

Lars-Petter Sødal Bergsmark (NO)

POP-UP CULTURE HOUSE, Stænderpladsen 2, Viborg

16 June – 25 June 2017

You don’t need to order a ticket, just show up

The price to attend is based on the concept pay what you want. This means you can decide what you think the performance is worth and pay accordingly.