Carte Blanche is a professional regional theatre and an independent institution.

The Board is composed by 1 member appointed by and from the City Council, 1 member appointed by the Cultural Committee of Viborg Municipality, 1 member appointed by the Board of Kulturprinsen, 1 representative of employees, 3 members appointed by the Board by advice of the artistic manager. The 3 members adviced by the artistic manager must be found amongst professionals with insights in arts, children’s culture, or marketing, and will be appointed by the Board.

  • Peter Wulff, Real Estate Agent and Diploma of Valuation, Chair of the Board of Carte Blanche.
    Appointed by the City Council of Viborg
  • Astrid Moth-Poulsen, Partner and Consulant, Urban Goods
    Appointed by the Board
  • Anders Kristensen, Consulant Central Denmark Region
    Appointed as representative of the local cultural enviroment
  • Niels Dueholm, Vice Principal. Appointed by Viborg City Council
  • Lene Øster, Senior Consultant, Department of Culture, City of Aarhus
    Appointed by the Board
  • Anne-Mette Villumsen, Head of the Art Museum Skovgaard Museet
    Appointed by heads of cultural institutions of Viborg
  • Christina Blangstrup Dahl, PR Manager, Carte Blanche
    Appointed as representative of employees