FOR EVER AND EVER is a performance play for young people and adults which incorporates the church room in an innovative way, creating an intimate and thought-provoking experience. During the play, we create a number of encounters between audience and performers (and among the audience as well), incorporating philosophical conversations, experiences, and games, involving the individual participant and creating interaction. As a result, the members of the audience are involved in finding their own personal answers to life’s big questions.

Utilizing Carte Blanche’s poetic and sensory tools, we give the audience a chance to create their own personal reflections about and understanding of how the terms power and honour is contributing to our formation as individuals as well as society. The terms originates from the two thousand years old Lord’s Prayer, but they’re very relevant today as well – in the political sphere as well as in our personal life.

We’ll be looking at a number of questions:

  • Who’s actually in power in our world?
  • Is there anything more powerful than the human being?
  • What is power actually – and do we have more than one kind of power?
  • Is power all about glory, self respect – or something completely different?
  • How do you act honourably in world full of abuse of power and oppression?

We’d like to give our audience a chance to explore the physical space of the church as well as its existential narrative through the artistic interpretation of the performance. FOR EVER AND EVER is a sort of mental training ground enabling people to meet the world from a more curious, responsible, and considerate standpoint.


October 21-31 2019

The KK44 festival as well as churches in the Mid-Jutland region

From 13 years

Ca. 50 min.

Sarah John