ANGEL LOUNGE is an annual event taking place in December. A unique and creative Christmas happening.


Hosted by Carte Blanche, Angel Lounge is created by different artists from year to year, but it never goes without that joyfull and poetic Christmas atmosphere. We guarantee a sensory encounter and Christmas peace en masse.

In the cozy environment of CARTE BLANCE, children and their parents will be served a hot drink and nibbles. And as always it is possible to participate in creative activities relating to the theme of this year.

Seimi Nørregaard and Sigrid Astrup Haraldsen, the artists behind Angel Lounge 2018, have created a poetic and playfull universe of bees and birds – just waiting to be explored!

Previous Angel Lounges

Below, you can read more about the previous Angel Lounges.

2017 – A “Dream-machine” created by the french theatre group, La Golondrina, consisting of Chloé Löwy and Raphaël. Through music, poetry, shadow theatre and drawing, and together with the audience, they got the big dream-machine to spin.

2016 – Winter-Wonderland – A magical place, only appearing when we are creating and sharing with one another. Through poetic play, curiosity and wondering Majse Damsø Jeppesen and Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen experimentet with the guests’ understanding of Christmas – as well as their own.

2015 – Children and their parents were invited into the dreams of the Angel. Inside the dream, the audience went exploring amongst snowcapped hills, they hid in the cat’s furry tummy and they took a nap in the angel’s soft, feathery bed.

2014 – This year’s Angel Lounge was a floating and detailed moon-garden. The audience were invited into a poetic world, consisting of our jount hopes and dreams.

Behind it all were designer Betina Møller (DK) and all-round artist Sarah John (AUS) – both of them having previously worked with perforance art i Denmark and Australia, as well as several parts of Europe.

2012 – A wonderful and detailed cave-city, built from furniture, branches, carpets and ladders, not to mention a gigantic canopy bed. Caves, as you have only seen them in dreams, created a poetic playground, where the child themselves became angels of Christmas peace and calm exitement.


Date and time:
Dec. 8-9 and Dec. 15-16 2018 13h00-16h00 at
Carte Blanche, Ammunitionsvej 6, 8800 Viborg DK

Book tickets
Not required

Pay what you can

A family event – from 3 years

Schools and kindergardens
Schools (0.-2. grade) and the oldest kids in kindergarden have the possibility of free acces on the following dates: Dec. 4-7, 11-14 and 17-19 2018, 09h00, 10h00 and 11h00