ENGLESTUE is a reacurring event every december at Carte Blanche. An engaging and creative Christmas event for the whole family.

Last year’s theme was “the dream factory” and the creators are from the French theatre company  La Golondrina, lead by the stage artists and musicians Chloé Girardeau og Raphaël Janvier. With music, poetry, shadow theatre and drawings they brought the huge dream factory to life – with the families’ creative help. ENGLESTUE is a creative afternoon for the whole family where you give your dreams life together.

ENGLESTUE is created by different artists every year but it’s atmosphere is always full of poetic creativity.


8-9 and 15-16 Dec. 2018 between 13h00 and 16h00
Come and go as you like

Carte Blanche, Værkstedsscenen, Ammunitionsvej 6, 8800 Viborg

You don’t need to order a ticket

The price to attend is based on the concept pay what you can.