As the days are growing shorter, we bid you welcome in the darkness of TOMRUM – our grand Fall performance-installation, which takes place in the stunning assembly hall of Viborg Katedralskole. Leaving your shoes, phone and watch outside, you will enter a space disconnected from everyday life. Here time stands still, and you can allow youself to get lost among the myriads of tiny poetic tales residing in every old nook and cranny of the hall.

And so it is Christmas. And with Christmas comes Angel Lounge at Carte Blanche – a must-attend event for many families.

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A unique and creative Christmas happening.

Hosted by Carte Blanche, Angel Lounge is created by different artists from year to year, but it never goes without that joyfull and poetic Christmas atmosphere. We guarantee a sensory encounter and Christmas peace en masse.

In the cozy environment of CARTE BLANCE, children and their parents will be served a hot drink and nibbles. And as always it is possible to participate in creative activities relating to the theme of this year.

Seimi Nørregaard and Sigrid Astrup Haraldsen, the artists behind Angel Lounge 2018, have created a poetic and playfull universe of bees and birds.


Transforming the assembly hall at Viborg Katedralskole, we created TOMRUM – and we would like you to join os for a journey of discovery.

TOMRUM is sensory universe of tiny scenes, poetic images and wondrous tales interweaving. The room invites you to reflect and contemplate on your existance and lets you explore the mysteries of space, time and life itself.

TOMRUM is about examining reality – from the tiniest particles to the infinity of the universe, from Big Bang to the present. It is about our relationship to the world – and in that respect to ourselves.

We can’t wait to meet you!


21, 22, 24, 28, 29 Nov and 1 Dec: Performance: TOMRUM – in the dark

8-9 and 15-16 Dec: Angel Lounge

8 Feb: Soup and Conversation – in Kvols

23 Feb: Guest performance: Kunsten at dø (The Art of Dying)

1 March: Guest performance: King Lear

19-20 March: Performance: Gæstebud (Feast)

21 March: Guest performance: Jagten på det grå guld (Raiders of the Grey Gold)