Open call for young people aged 20-26 across Europe

The SummerLab will offer inspiration, tools and a frame for cross aesthetic artistic inquiry for people who are hungry to ask big questions and to make meaningful investigations of reality. Participants will be invited into Carte Blanche’s artistic frame and research in collective creativity.

The Summer Lab will be lead by Sara Topsøe-Jensen (Artistic Leader at Carte Blanche) and Sarah John (Artist in Residence at Carte Blanche).

Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche works with immersive performance installations. These works lead audience into poetic encounters that allow us to explore and stand on the edge of what we know about reality – thereby aiming to expand our common understanding of reality. We want to create space for reflection and recognition, for eye-opening encounters and meaningful contexts for being together.

You do not need to have any specific performance experience. Instead we are searching for people who want to experiment, to challenge themselves, to risk and to reflect together on questions such as: Who are we? Why are we here? And what can we become?

The SummerLab is an intensive 2 week training and collective investigation in which we will work daily with a combination of physical training, philosophical dialogue, meditation, artistic experimentation and play. Through this we will observe and consciously train the qualities and principles of collective knowledge and creativity.

These explorations will be grounded in immersive/sensorial performance and installation making. This work uses space, objects, light, sound, smell, text and our experience of being-in-the-world, as artistic tools.

Our work is grounded in a phenomenological approach – that is, we bring attention to our own felt experience as the basis for discovery. Examples of areas of training/study/reflection:

Bigger Reality
Exploring the fact that we are a part of a reality that is vastly larger and more complex than we can fathom and that this reality is co-creative – it changes and develops depending on how we look at and relate to it.

Light-hearted, physical games through which we can, f.ex, observe how freedom (to create, experiment, try things out) emerges within the ‘limitation’ of fixed rules and how a sense of community and of being present (available, responsible, spontaneous) arises when we play.

Physical experince
Frames for collective improvisation in which we attempt physically to meet, negotiate and listen to each other and the space between us.

Creative Dialogue
A form of focused conversation in which we shift attention from the content of the dialogue to the quality of it and attempt to speak from our own experience right now.

At the end of the second week we will test our work on an invited audience.

The Summer Lab will take place at Carte Blanche: Ammunitionsvej 4b, Viborg, Denmark at July 29 – August 12.

The official working hours will be from 9:00 – 17:00 but sometimes there will be evening sessions/activities. So expect the Lab to be an around-the-clock experience.

You are welcome to ‘camp’ at Carte Blanche – in basic indoor accommodation or, if preferred, you are also free to bring a tent.

There are kitchen facilities available, but food is not provided.

The cost of the Lab is:

2000DKK (270€)

Please contact Carte Blanche if you would like to join but are unable to pay the full amount.

If you wish to participate please send a short letter of introduction to

Please include:

– Your name and age.

– A photo of yourself.

– Tell us how you found out about this workshop and why you would like to join.

– And tell us a little about what interests you most these days.

Deadline for Application: May 31 2018


July 29 – August 12 2018

Carte Blanche, Ammunitionsvej 4b, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

May 31 2018

2000DKK (270€)

The Summerlab will be tought in english

Sarah John /
Sara Topsøe-Jensen